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Orthodontic Avenue is pleased to feature SureSmile® technology in our office. SureSmile technology makes your experience with braces significantly easier than conventional orthodontic treatments. This unique 3D technology customizes your braces for an individual fit and sets them in place so as to optimize your treatment. We welcome you to contact us at 972-538-4304 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Dipak Chudasama, and to learn more about SureSmile in Coppell and Flower Mound, Texas.

On average, SureSmile makes your treatment time 30% faster than conventional braces. By using SureSmile, our skilled orthodontist provides you with:

  • A shorter treatment time – Traditional braces can take more than 2 years to complete. SureSmile produces outstanding results in less time.
  • Fewer office visits – When you use SureSmile in your treatment, make fewer visits to our office and spend less time here when you come in.
  • A more comfortable treatment – The custom archwire used in a SureSmile braces treatment allows for smoother tooth movement, which gives you a more comfortable overall experience. This archwire also reduces the number of adjustments you need, making your entire treatment experience more comfortable.
  • Better oral hygiene during your treatment – Because SureSmile braces treatments are so much more comfortable than traditional treatment, you can return to a normal oral hygiene routine much sooner, making it easier for you to maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  • More predictable, high-quality results – SureSmile archwires are custom-shaped by a robot to ensure smooth, precise tooth movement. This precise movement is what produces the amazing results that characterize SureSmile treatments.

For more information about the benefits of SureSmile technology, and to schedule your initial consultation with our caring orthodontist, please contact our office today.


When you visit Orthodontic Avenue, you can expect to receive personalized orthodontic care using state-of-the-art technology. Our office is entirely digital, and it features a number of specialized devices to improve your treatment and your experience with our practice, including the innovative SureSmile® orthodontic system. This 3D technology customizes your braces for a completely individual fit that maximizes your treatment to provide optimal results. Our orthodontist is pleased to offer Invisalign® and Invisalign® Teen, cone beam imaging, digital impressions, and orthodontic treatments for all ages. We are committed to helping you achieve a beautiful smile for a lifetime. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Dipak Chudasama, and discover for yourself what sets us apart!

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